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ai_marketing – Fri, 2017–02–03 01:45

Neue Stellenausschreibungen ...

Neue Stellenauschreibungen en/jobs ... machen Sie bei uns mit!

ai_marketing – Mon, 2016–02–01 01:34

a+i is ISO 9001 certified (in 2013: ISO 9001:2008, in 2016: ISO 9001:2015)

Our Service- and Development process received ISO certification, but currently the certificate required re-validation in January 2019.

By introducing our quality-management-system we continue to guarantee to provide services at highest standards and commit ourserlves to continous improvement of our processes and methods.

Our development of models and simulations, the design of systems and control logics as well as our services for defining related processes, methods and tools is now controlled by our quality management.


ai_marketing – Sun, 2013–12–08 21:52

a+i selected as Preferred Supplier "Control Systems Engineering"

After several years of successful cooperation in the area of Control Systems Engineering, Rolls-Royce Deutschland selected a+i engineering as Preferred Supplier for Controls Systems Engineering. We are proud that such a renowned company like Rolls-Royce honours our services and Know How with that level of confidence.

a+i employs several specialists in Controsl Systems Engineering for Aero-Engines. Where a+i focuses on Systems-Design, System-Modelling (SysML, Simulink), Design Review, Evaluation of System Tests and Flight Tests and generation of Standardisation Documents.

These services a

ai_marketing – Mon, 2012–04–02 08:29

a+i at the 2011 AeroSpace and Defense Meeting Torino

a+i presents at the 2011 Aerospace and Defense Meeting in Torino.

ai_marketing – Fri, 2011–10–21 17:00

New Jobs

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ai_marketing – Wed, 2011–10–12 07:43

New Products announced: AccessBlocks

a+i announces new Produc AccesBlock. The Tool Library for Simulink has been tested on simple and highly complex models over the last month. It is ready to handle large models with a huge number of signals at a top speed.

ai_marketing – Sat, 2011–09–24 07:48

SysML to Simulink announced

a+i announces SysML to Simulink. A tool for the automated conversion of SysML models to Simulink. The resulting model is not just an executable code, but a full featured, editable Simulink Model. Please read the related information on the SysML to Simulink product page.

ai_marketing – Thu, 2011–08–11 22:00

a+i presents at the MBD Conference 2005

With our customer BMW we present at the Mathworks Model Based Design Conference 2005.

 Subject of the talk:
"Model Database for Complex Simulink Models"

Authors: Wolfgang Schlüter, Pavel Kvasnicka, BMW, and Dr. Bernhard Kämpf, a+i engineering

Please read our abstract.

ai_marketing – Fri, 2006–02–24 13:29

KHR becomes a+i engineering

KHR-Systems becomes a+i engineering. But it are still the same people and minds, the same know-how and services.

In english, often a+i is used to denot the aspects of 'analysis and integration' in a technical Project. These includes subjects like

ai_marketing – Fri, 2006–02–10 21:52