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a+i was founded in 2002 by experienced aerospace engineers and physicists. Since our formation we support and consult global companies i.e. Integrators, OEM`s, developer and supplier from Germany, Europe and The United States, which predominantly operate in automotive and aviation industries.

+ 2002 formation of a+i engineering in Berlin
+ In the early stages: consulting for Boeing, BMW, focused on modelling and simulation
+ consulting for development of control systems
+ 2008 development of the first automated control system of power kite ´FESTO Cyberkite` (control and system diagnostic)
+ 2011 a+i becomes Rolls-Royce Germany Ltd. and Co. Kg. preferred supplier for the development of the engine Control Systems 
+ 2013 The development processes of a+i are certified to DIN 9001
+ 2014 a+i employs 17 highly qualified staff members at our office in Technology Park Adlershof, Berlin
+ 2016 The develoment processes of a+i are certified to ISO 9001:2015


We make knowledge usable

We face up to challenges and tasks that are demanded by the development of latest technical products, systems and processes. We use analytical and model based approaches, structured methodical proceeding and a high-grade attitude. more ...



Competence arises from a combination of expert knowledge, experience and methodic. It requires a balanced combination of general and specific knowledge. more ...