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Signal Logging
Signal Modification
Model Testing
Simulation Playback


a+i Access Block Library for Simulink®: Access Signals for Logging, Monitoring or for Signal Modification. Stimulate Signals via the built in Test Language or interface with Proprietary Test Systems or Languages. Play logged Signals back into your Model.


Access Block Library for Simulink:
         “access every signal - everywhere”



Signal Logging and Monitoring:

Logging of any Signal in any Block, any Subsystem or in Reference Models.

  • Configurable Logging Lists to select and define Signals to be logged. Name Spaces are supported.
  • Logging at variable Rates, adaptable during Runtime. Event Driven Logging (Data Snapshot)
  • Monitoring of Signal Values during Runtime, feed accessed signal to any Validation Routine.
  • Data Streaming over Network to monitoring Clients

Signal Modification

  • Modification of Signal at Runtime: Freeze, overwrite, feed from Testscript or External Source.
  • Driving of signals via replay of previously logged signals.

Model Testing:

  • Control of Model Execution and Stimulation of Signals via simple, sequential Test Script Language. Commands: set/get value, wait, wait_until, ramp signal, freeze signal, overwrite signal, offset signal
  • Interfacing with the Simulation and Data Control vie external Python Scripts over Sockets Python Scripting allows Branches, Loops and Conditional Execution based on Simulation Feedback
  • Provides seamless testing of subsystems inside integrated models, no cutout of models required.


Access Blocks provide seamless Integration into all Levels of Verification

Access Blocks work in Accelerated Models and in Auto-Generated Code or Real-Time Models.

Acces Blocks provide Remote Control of Simulation via Network Sockets.

Add Access Blocks to your Model, Run, Interact, Stimulate ... and simply deactivate for Production.


Please contact us for more details or informations about references and example applications. Or request a presentation of the Libary at your site.