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Welcome to a+i engineering

a+i : Analysis and Integration 

Our name represents analytical and modelbased design methods, integrated development processes and tool chains.





Based on our core competence System Engineering we provide services for

+ development of complex and safety critical systems and control systems.

+ modelling of systems (System models, functional models, real time models)

+ definition and improvement of development processes and software tools.


Our team of engineers (aerospace and mechanical), physicists and techno-mathematicians combines specialists expertise from engineering to information technologies, the methods of requirements management with validation know-how and modelling techniques with our experience in verification and certification. 

Please get additional information in our profile presentation (unfortunaltely not up to date, which is also true for the version in german.)


a+i delivers solutions - Made to measure - Methodically sound, competent and in high Quality.


::: our processes are certified according ISO 9001:2015 :::