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SysML to Simulink

a+i SysML 2 Simulink®: Entwurf von der Funktionalität Ihres Systems in SysML, automatisches Generieren des funtionsfähigen Simulink Modelles und run Analysis. Das resultierende Modell ist aufgebaut durch Standard Simulink Blocks und passt sich der logischen Struktur des SysML Model an; durchschaubare, visuell lesbare Simulink Modelle von SysML.


SysML 2 Simulink® Translator
        “Draft your System in SysML - Analyse in Simulink®”



Translation of SysML models into executable and editable Simulink Models:

  • Model and Parametrise in SysML, save to XMI
  • Translator converts to Simulink Block Model
  • Resulting Model is human readable and easy editable
  • Structure of Sequence Diagram is represented in Model
  • Parameters (Response Times, Latencies, etc.) become configurable Parameters of the Model
  • Nested SysML Models of any hierarchiy level are  supported. Thie enables reuse of Models in Models
  • Translator currently supports Sequence Diagrams

Use Cases

  • Perform numeric Trade Studies on SysML model.
  • Rapid System Prototyping: Create first, simple Models in SysML, Execute and Test in Simulink.
  • Rapid Model Generation for early Integration Tests: A new System is modelled on abstract level in  SysML, then translated and integrated into an existing, detailed Simulink Model.
  • Create Missing Model Components: Your detailed Model lacks of an Actuation Model? Create a simple  representation of the logic (e.g. Hydraulics response characteristic) in SysML, translate and integrate  back into your detailed Simulink Model.